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DVOX: Precise, reliable and affordable live stream technology.

DVOX tears down the language barriers with live stream audio that is precise, reliable and affordable!

DVOX is a turn key and innovative solution for all your broadcasting needs including simultaneous interpretation. No matter if you are organizing a large scale event, a conference, a seminar, a concert or even a guided tour, DVOX offers you unlimited possibilities.

DVOX allows you to bring together people of different nationalities and cultures no matter their language. Our live stream technology encourages people to share their knowledge and offers easy access to information.

DVOX offers state of the art technology at a competitive price.

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The benefits of live stream simultaneous interpretation.

DVOX is the be-all and end-all audio live streaming technology. Three easy steps and you are connected.

Our technology can be used for all your audio live streaming needs.

DVOX offers an unprecedented and high quality live stream audio experience without the need for cumbersome equipment.

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DVOX offers a reliable technology. Put your faith in DVOX and you will have no surprises!


DVOX can be used in all environments. All you need is Web access and limited equipment.

User friendly

DVOX is user friendly. Three simple steps suffice to connect your attendees to the conference. No need for specialized head sets or receptors.

Why should I choose DVOX?

All you need is one small piece of equipment

With DVOX you no longer need FM receptors, special head sets or the staff required to charge, distribute or clean said head sets, all you need is Web access as DVOX is uses a Web browser. Your attendees only need their mobile phones and headsets or their Bluetooth apparatus.

DVOX can stream many languages simultaneously.

DVOX can stream any language. No matter if you are broadcasting two or eight different languages all you need is DVOX, a LAN or WAN network and one feed per language.

No predefined space is required for the speaker

Your guest speaker can be located anywhere in the room with no impact on the quality of the signal transmitted. Your invited speaker could even be located off site if you are not bothered by a short delay in the audio broadcast.

Easy to ship and to set up

DVOX is a small and portable piece of equipment. Easy to carry or ship and easy to set up in different rooms in your venue. All your attendees require is their mobile phones and head sets or their Bluetooth apparatus.

The signal can be broadcasted every where.

Since DVOX is Web based, the signal can be broadcast pretty much anywhere with no negative impact on the quality of the signal which is not the case with infra red or FM broadcast systems. One small piece of equipment is all you need to broadcast your message no matter the size of your attendance.

Got questions?  

Who created this Web based broadcast system?

IC Events, a production and AV solution company based in Montreal, created DVOX in order to allow people to connect no matter the language they speak. DVOX tears down the language barriers with live stream audio that is precise, reliable and affordable.

At IC Events our mission is to insure that conference attendees have access to your message in real time and in their language, hence the idea to create a live stream broadcasting solution!

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