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IC Events: Simultaneous translation broadcast equipment specialists

IC EVENTS created DVOX, a portable, small, precise and affordable simultaneous interpretation tool.

DVOX was created in order for people to be able to connect and share information no matter their language or their culture.

When you rent DVOX we will send you a small piece of equipment that fits easily between your invited speaker and the conference attendees.

All DVOX requires is a local network (LAN) or a worldwide network (WAN) as well as an audio feed per language.

No matter if you are streaming two or 8 languages with DVOX you will always have a high quality signal.

IC Events created DVOX a user friendly, portable and affordable simultaneous interpretation tool.

DVOX was created to bring people of different cultures speaking different languages together.

Our mission is to insure that your attendees have access to the message you want to share. We believe in pushing back the language barriers!

IC Events, a production and AV solution company based in Montreal. Our areas of expertize are events (large and small), live shows, network solutions and electronics.

Call on us for your next event, we can offer affordable turn key solutions and professional staff such as production directors, technical directors and logistic directors. We are also specialized in architectural lighting, audio-visual equipment and semi permanent network set ups.

Finally, we also offer courses and un-going training in the fields of electronics, electrical distribution, transformers, generators and how the Web is a great tool for events big or small.

Backed by 18 years of experience, IC Events can bring your projects to life in an organized and cost effective way so that you can have peace of mind!

DVOX : Simultaneous interpretation without cumbersome equipment

DVOX is a turn key and innovative solution for all your broadcasting needs including simultaneous interpretation. All you need is one small piece of equipment set-up between your guest speaker and the audience and DVOX does the rest!

No specialized equipment is required, attendees load the Web page on their mobile phone, choose the language they prefer and plus in their earphones!

With DVOX you no longer need FM receptors, special head sets or the staff required to charge, distribute or clean said head sets, all you need is Web access as DVOX is uses a Web browser. Your attendees only need their mobile phones and headsets or their Bluetooth apparatus.

Our technology does not require a specific platform, no need to upload anything and no password required. Three easy steps and you are connected!

Insure that your attendees have access to your message in real time and in their language!

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