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Discover DVOX and its many advantages today! DVOX is the be-all and end-all technology for broadcasting simultaneous interpretation during conferences, seminars and events!

IC Events, a production and AV solution company based in Montreal, created DVOX in order to allow people to connect no matter the language they speak. DVOX tears down the language barriers with live stream audio that is precise, reliable and affordable.

At IC Events our mission is to insure that conference attendees have access to your message in real time and in their language, hence the idea to create a live stream broadcasting solution!

Please contact us to book DVOX for your next event! We respond to all inquiries in a timely manner.

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DVOX is a live stream Web broadcast solution that is user friendly, precise and affordable.

This web-based solution is here to meet all your needs and allow you to reach the next level in terms of technology and information transmission.

You are organizing a conference and your attendees speak different languages? DVOX offers simultaneous interpretation in real time. Renting DVOX is offering your attendees an unprecedented simultaneous interpretation experience no matter the language they speak.

DVOX is one small piece of equipment set-up between your guest speaker and the audience. Since you no longer need to rent specialised head sets and receivers, the cost for DVOX is more then competitive. DVOX also offers you peace of mind, sometimes a rare commodity in the Events and conference world!

DVOX will soon be the leader in the field of simultaneous interpretation!

DVOX offers state of the art technology at a competitive price.