Right Words. Right Now

Unprecedented live stream broadcast tool for simultaneous interpretation.

Insure that your attendees have real time access to the message being broadcasted.

DVOX is a turn key and innovative solution for all your broadcasting needs including simultaneous interpretation.

No matter if you are organizing a large scale event, a conference, a seminar, a concert or even a guided tour, DVOX offers you unlimited possibilities.

DVOX allows you to bring together people of different nationalities and cultures no matter their language. Our live stream technology encourages people to share their knowledge and offers easy access to information.

DVOX offers state of the art technology at a competitive price.

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A turn key and innovative solution for your simultaneous interpretation broadcasting needs.

IC EVENTS’ Web based solution is the answer to all your simultaneous interpretation needs or audio broadcasts. Since DVOX uses a Web browser you will have no confidentiality issues.

When you rent DVOX we will send you a small piece of equipment that fits easily between your invited speaker and the conference attendees.

All DVOX requires is a local network (LAN) or a worldwide network (WAN) as well as an audio feed per language.

No matter if you are streaming two or 8 languages with DVOX you will always have a high quality signal.

The only thing audience members are required to do is load the Web page on their mobile and plug in their earphones for an unprecedented simultaneous interpretation experience.

DVOX is totally free for the end user and does not require costly headsets or receivers hence you do not require any staff to charge and clean the headsets or to hand them out to participants.

When is DVOX the most appropriate tool?

DVOX can be used whenever you need to broadcast audio content. All you will require is Web access. DVOX brings people together.

During large scale or major events

You are preparing a product launch, an expo or any other major event? DVOX will allow your attendees to access the same information in real time and will bring your event up a notch!

During conferences

With DVOX you no longer need to insure that your invited speakers can communicate in the languages spoken by your attendees. Thanks to DVOX you can present highly skilled and renowned speakers no matter which language they speak.

For seminars and continuous education workshops

Seminars or continuous education workshops are often given only in one language, with DVOX you do not require expensive infra red or FM systems in order to reach much more participants by broadcasting the message in as many languages as you wish!

Live Shows

Push back the boundaries and bring creativity to a new level DVOX can be set up in theaters, concert halls or any venue suitable for live shows.

Guided tours

Your museum offers guided tours? DVOX is the tool for you, user friendly, small, precise and affordable!

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